Privacy Policy

Best Exercise Band strives to provide the best service and protecting your information is our top priority. Our policy is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information so ensure it is not used in any inappropriate way.
We collect information to make you shopping experience premium. The contact information collected from you is used to update you about our coming new products and promotions over emails, newsletters, and sale mailers.
For online purchase, information such as credit card information, name and emails are collected from the customers to make the payment. This information is safeguarded by our team.
Surveys can be conducted on the website which can require your contact number and your email. Other criteria can include the providence of your age, gender as well as your educational background.
Use of Information
The information collected is used to:
Sharing of Information
The personal information can be shared outside with:
To implement our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, as well as to safeguard the interests of and our affiliates, we may use your personal information to comply with the law, applicable regulations, governmental and quasi-governmental demands, and court orders.
Your Privacy Preferences and Rights

You contact us at if you want to change your preferences or whether you do not want to receive emails and newsletters.

Control the Use of your Personal Information
For any concern regarding removal of your personal information or making a change to it, email us at
You can change your email preferences to unsubscribe from further receiving any emails regarding products and promotions. This will remove you from receiving the promotional offers and newsletters.
Our team fully facilities your request incompliance with law but we are not responsible for information we do not have access to such as third parties, service providers, and advertisers
Policy Changes
Any change in policy will be emailed and posted on our website to inform you. The effective date of the revised Privacy Policy will be provided. You can continuous to use our website in compliance to our revised Privacy Policy discarding any prior policy terms.
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For more information email us at